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Osx Uninstaller 2023 is the powerful and always up-to-date app removal tool favored by our Mac review expert for nearly 10 years. The newer version of Osx Uninstaller 2023 releases a redesigned and modern user interface and is able to get rid of any unwanted Mac apps without any hassle. Every paid users can upgrade to this new version without cost, as Osx Uninstaller pricing is an one-time off charge: You can always receive upgrades, updates and technical support at no cost. In this post, we will test apps to see whether the upgraded Osx Uninstaller 2023 is performing in the way we expect.

Test app #1: Use Osx Uninstaller 2023 to uninstall DxO Nik Collection

Nik Collection is a useful image processing software. It is one of the three most powerful image post-processing filters alongside VSCO and Exposure, and is also a must-have post-processing filter software for photographers. The software offers powerful and practical processing features, including color matching, noise reduction, HDR high dynamic imaging, black and white photos, sharpening, and more. It can be used with plug-ins such as PhotoShop and Lightroom. It includes Color Efex Pro 4 (image toning filter), HDR Efex Pro 2 (HDR imaging filter), Silver Efex Pro 2 (black and white film filter), Viveza 2 (selective adjustment filter), Sharpener Pro 3 (sharpening filter), Dfine 2 (noise reduction filter), and other plug-ins. The filters are very comprehensive, offering key tone options for architecture, nature and people. Suitable for designers, office workers, web designers, etc.

Osx Uninstaller 2023 is proven to be effectively uninstall DxO Nik Collection completely in our test.

Test app #2: Use Osx Uninstaller 2023 to uninstall DxO FilmPack

DxO FilmPack is an excellent photographic filter software that can simulate your electronic photos into a film effect. Film effects are available in many graphics processing software and can perfectly simulate unique effects such as color, contrast, and graininess. With 7 positive film colors, 9 monochrome photo film colors, and 5 negative film colors, the software can render digital images in 21 different film colors. And it can perform 5 kinds of color mixing and has the novel function of being processed by film processing fluid. For example, use the Hue/Saturation/Luminance function to obtain colors. Use the Tone Curve to fine-tune light, mid and dark tones to best manage contrast. Use the Vibrance tool to subtly enhance tones by taking into account the different colors present in the image. For perfect composition, use the easy-to-use crop tool and its adjustable “thirds” grid to manage the proportions in your images.

Control and showcase your black and white photos with DxO FilmPack’s many advanced settings. Use color filters to subtly transform your photos. Use the Channel Mixer so you can bring out all the subtle tones in your images. Adjust skin tones, midtones, and dark tones with Tone Curve, and manage the contrast of your black-and-white images with precision. DxO FilmPack offers you many original and creative effects: up to 39 designer presets in color and black and white. Vintage effects, old photos, incredible colors: give your photos a unique style! Easily apply a wide range of effects to your images with one-click-accessible settings.

Now with support for the RAW format, DxO FilmPack uses calibration data from the camera to apply analog renders with perfectly faithful colors. Based on all of DxO’s RAW processing technology, DxO FilmPack automatically corrects for all possible optical defects in your device while effectively reducing unwanted digital noise in your images. Of course, TIFF and JPEG images can always be processed! DxO FilmPack effects fruit maps are created in DxO’s labs, using a unique scientific process to analyze each film in detail. This process is based on a series of specially calibrated shots of the target and the real objects photographed at the time of filming. The film is then developed in one of the world’s most prestigious processing labs and then digitized at high resolution to measure film response and extract the grain matrix.

You can use DxO FilmPack as a standalone application or as a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, AppleAperture, and DxO PhotoLab as a plug-in. In standalone application mode or as a plug-in for DxO PhotoLab, you can work directly with TIFF, JPEG, and RAW images with just a few clicks. In plug-in mode, you can follow your normal processing workflow while enriching your Adobe or Apple solution. With DxO FilmPack’s new interface, you can process images more easily – more simply and intuitively! Quickly access all presets, effects and settings in a unique horizontal control panel. Choose the style that best suits your taste: analog film or designer, color or black and white, with or without tonal effects or frames – the combinations are endless! Click on a thumbnail: apply the treatment immediately.

Osx Uninstaller 2023 is proven to be effectively uninstall DxO FilmPack completely in our test.

Test app #3: Use Osx Uninstaller 2023 to uninstall Wondershare Recoverit

Wondershare Recoverit is a data recovery software that supports data recovery from Windows computers, macOS, computer hard drives, removable hard drives, USB flash drives, memory cards, cameras, cameras, memory sticks, feature phones, memory cards and other storage devices. Supports data recovery in NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, HFS+, APF and other storage modes. It can directly restore erroneously deleted files, empty recycle bin deleted files, format wrong drive letter, partition loss (partition table corruption, repartition, delete partition), partition corruption (DBR corruption, become RAW partition, root directory corruption, unreadable, double-click drive letter prompt to format), empty drive letter (root directory disappears after inserting and unplugging u disk, but used space still ), files lost by encryption software, files lost by CHKDSK, data lost after forgetting to backup my documents and desktop, system crash, recovering files after virus, etc.

Osx Uninstaller 2023 is proven to be effectively uninstall Wondershare Recoverit completely in our test.

In conclusion, Osx Uninstaller 2023 is the state-of-art Mac uninstaller that our review team recommends to every user of Mac machines. Besides, the one-time cost will allow you to receive updates, upgrades and technical support without extra fees. For detailed info about this app, you can visit the official site:, or join the community to discuss and review this app.


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