Apple New Patent: Change Lightning Connector, Improve Waterproof Performance

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Recently, the US Patent & Trademark Office published two patent applications from Apple, including changing the lightning connector from rectangle to wedge and adding a piston part inside the charging port for waterproofing. The purpose of these two patents is simple: to improve the waterproof performance of the equipment.

The Lightning connector is created at grass conference center, San Francisco in September 9, 2012, now launching the new connector standard meant that Apple had been officially replaced the 30-pin Dock interface for nine years old.

Patently Apple is reporting that US Patent & Trademark Office published two patent applications from Apple Company, the patents will certainly change the shape of Lightning connector. Before that, Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch has been using Lightning connector since 2012. So far, Apple has produced billions of devices with Lightning ports.

Apple’s two new patents send a signal: Apple worries about iPhone devices are damaged by water when charging time if there is a touch water, and a new connection interface now to salve this situation.

In the first patent to change the lightning connector from rectangle to wedge can better fit charging port of the equipment, in order to prevent the liquid from flowing down the charging line into the device.

While the second patent is to add a waterproof piston part inside the charging port, which is better avoiding the water coming into connector.

“Apple’s invention pertains to electrical connectors that have one or more gaskets or seals configured to impede moisture from penetrating the connector and/or electronic devices. Various embodiments relate to a seal positioned on the connector plug and/or within an electronic device such that a liquid-tight seal is formed when the connector plug is mated with the electronic device.”

If Apple really uses the technology in the second patent, we may have to work harder to charge the device later, and we need to push the charger harder when we plug it in.

Apple’s devices are popular with consumers, but they also cost far more than those of other brands. If Apple can provide the durability of the device, not surprisingly, their products with no doubt will be welcomed by consumers.



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