Is UninstallService the Best Uninstaller? UninstallService Review

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UninstallService is one of the most essential tools you should have for desktop computers. Is it the best uninstaller to uninstall Windows programs as well as Mac apps? Our team of expert has done real-world testing to use UninstallService to uninstall apps, and the result is UninstallService performs very well and does the app removal job as promised.

The following apps are tested by our team using the latest UninstallService Windows uninstaller and Mac uninstaller.

Uninstall PatterNodes with UninstallService

PatterNodes are mainly used for parametric graphics and illustrations, which can easily help users create graphic modes, can adjust color, spacing, scaling, rotation, etc., and support the export of bitmaps and vector graphics in a variety of formats.

PatterNodes is a tool based on repetitive graphic patterns, animations, gradients or illustrations. This is done by defining a series of steps, which is a way to describe patterns. Each pattern element or operation is represented by a small panel called a node, and the nodes are then connected by a link between them. When nodes can be freely combined and connected, this gives you a very flexible and powerful interface. While this interface requires a different way of thinking, it also offers many benefits over traditional illustrator type editors. Most importantly, it enables you to use sliders to instantly change any aspect of any section, such as color, spacing, scaling, rotation or repeat count, without undoing/redoing any steps. You can also specify a range of animation values for any of these parameters.

The resulting pattern tiles are always displayed in the bottom preview view, repeating and updating in real time, giving you instant feedback on the final result. To simplify the creation of patterns Patternodes also contains many nodes that automatically perform common monotonous and tedious tasks, such as repeating an element’s tile edge pattern seamlessly, or randomizing different aspects (such as color, position, rotation, etc.) of an element’s pattern to give it a little more life. Finally, when you’re done, you can simply copy the pattern tile into any illustration or graphics application you’re using, or export it as a vector graphic or bitmap image file. Animations can be exported as GIF, QuickTime MOV or numbered PNG or JPG files.

Uninstall Screegle with UninstallService

Screegle is a professional screen sharing tool on Mac computers that allows you to share any window you want on a clean desktop background image. You can also record Screegle window videos with voice, which is powerful. Screegle lets you share any window you want on a clean desktop background image. Your colleagues, team, clients, or students see a clean, uncluttered version of your desktop with only the windows you explicitly selected, and nothing more. No more notifications, personal websites, files, and folders that may reveal personal information. You can also record Screegle window video with voice. This is useful for sharing a clean desktop with colleagues for asynchronous communication. You can even add your webcam as an overlay, which is great during screen recording or when you show a window and want people to follow you (turn off your webcam in the video app!).

Uninstall Piezo with UninstallService

Piezo is a very useful audio recording software on Mac, you can use Piezo very conveniently for Mac built-in recording or microphone recording, such as recording QQ and Skype chat voice, music is playing in the browser, the player is playing video, etc. can be recorded, and only need to click a button.

Piezo is a small, simple and easy-to-use audio recording software for Mac, developed by Rogue Amoeba, a company that many of you may be familiar with from their other product, Audio Hijack Pro. Compared to the latter, Piezo is a completely new product developed from scratch by the company and is not a stripped down version of Audio Hijack Pro, in large part to get it through the Mac App Store (which most apps of its type don’t).

Similar to Audio Hijack Pro and Ambrosia Software’s Wiretap Studio, Piezo can record audio directly from specific applications, such as the one pictured here, where I’m recording music from Douban Radio (a Safari application), and of course from your computer’s microphone. The audio signal from the computer microphone can also be recorded.

In terms of functionality, Piezo is nowhere near as powerful as Audio Hijack Pro or Wiretap Studio, but the ease of use is a very obvious feature of Piezo. The only things you can control are: the audio source, the type of file to be recorded, the location where the recorded file is saved, and the name or introduction to be added to the recorded file. There is no compromise on the quality of the recording – AAC 256kbps stereo.

In conclusion

UninstallService is one of the most recognized brands for app removal, and it is rated as the most cost-efficient solution on We have tested the 3 apps above by using the latest version of UninstallService, which is working very well to completely get rid of these apps and related files. Plus, with the generous one-time affordable pricing, UninstallService is our recommended tool to get uninstall any unwanted apps completely without any hassle.



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