Reddit appointed Marty Weiner, founding engineer at Pinterest,as its first CTO

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There have been lots of things to deal with for Steve Huffman when he came back Reddit as CEO. Huffman is an exceptional technology talent and he also work as a CTO of Hipmunk. He is urgent to find a CTO for reddit.

Reddit made an official announcement on August 18 and stated that they hired Marty Weiner, the founding engineer at Pinterest as their first CTO. It is known that Marty Weiner worked for Pinterest for four years and a half. He had worked with Ben Silbermann before Pinterest was founded. Weiner decided to make another challenge in a new role while Pinterest is working on the preparation for a potential public market release.

In an email that Weiner sent to TechCrunch he stated that it was the toughest decision he has ever made. He felt it is time for him to make more new challenges. One of his assignments when he works in Reddit is to build its team culture that will promote its recruitment exercise, employees diversity,and enhance the existing basic structure and procedure of Reddit culture.

Weiner did not make any comments on Reddit’s community and management conflicts. He aims to the its development of the near the future. And he hopes to develop an great team with intelligent tech support.

The staffs of Reddit are excited for Weiner’s partnership. Its co-founder Alexis Ohannian implied: “ We have no doubt about Weiner’s working experience, leadership skills and talent as he was founding engineer and architect of Pinterest. We are honored to have such intelligent leader to help Reddit for a brighter future.”

Weiner met Ohannian on the recommendation of his brother. They came out for coffees but they are not familiar with each other.

Ohnnian said the engineer team is the biggest team in Reddit. It plays an important role in the development of company. So they are desirable to hire more engineers with excellent talent and leadership. Weiner is an expert in engineering culture and he knows Reddit well. He will have a better idea of how to make a better team.

If Weiner could deal well with the current problems in Reddit, it will receive a tech update inside Reddit. We look forward to a new change in Reddit.



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