How can remove PCKeeper effectively

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PCKeeper is a security software released by Kromtech, which featuring a set of computer protecting, virus preventing and removal services. However, many of its users are not satisfied with its performance, and need to uninstall it on the computer. So how to remove PCKeeper safely and completely safely and completely on the PC? Please look at the following removing instructions.

PCKeeper for Windows system version

With the size of 29.34 MB, PCKeeper can be downloaded and installed easily and quickly on the computer, and by default, it is installed in this system folder: C:\Program Files\kromtech\pckeeper. With its installation, related registry entry will be added to the system which used to allow the program to start automatically on the PC, in addition, another command and configuration will be set and allow it running continuously in the background. To uninstall PCKeeper, you should make clear about which files and settings are belonging to the application, and you will known how to clean them completely when go to perform the app removal.

How to uninstall PCKeeper in a right and complete way

About Windows uninstaller: Windows system has a built-in uninstaller that enable people to remove programs with the uninstall panel, however, it is always limited in removing the installed package of the program, other files and registries added to the computer system will be neglected and continue to stay on the computer. So, when you take this traditional way to uninstall PCKeeper, please remember to find out all of these vestiges and erase them completely.

About PCKeeper’s uninstaller: with the installation of PCKeeper, a specific PCKeeper uninstaller will also be installed on the computer, which is available for removing the program when the user decide to remove it. However, the leftovers problem of Windows uninstaller will also happen on this way of removal, the program’s attached uninstaller also cannot help you to totally remove PCKeeper, and additional removal is also necessary if you take this uninstall way.

About the third party uninstall tool: specific uninstall tool is a kind of very popular application that specially used to uninstall different kinds of programs on the computer. Taking such a good uninstaller will be able to help you uninstall PCKeeper quickly and completely, because it provides an automatic and advanced removal for the target app, which help you to erase all of its associated files within a short time.



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