How to check if iOS and Mac apps are eligible for Family Sharing

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Apple’s Family Sharing is a great feature for Mac and those iOS devices, people can share many contents inside the machine with their families without swaping passwords or sharing a common Apple ID, but some people may not known how to check if a iOS or Mac app is available for Family Sharing, and id you also have such a question, don’t worry, this post is about to tell you how to do.

Items which are eligible for Family Sharing by Apple

  • iTunes
  • Music
  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Books
  • Apps

Instructions to check if apps are eligible for Family Sharing

1. Check if iOS apps support Family Sharing

  • Launch App Store on your iOS device
  • Search the app you want to check Family Sharing support
  • Tap on the app, and view information in the Details tab
  • Check the Family Sharing section inside, if it says Yes, it means that the app is eligible for Family Sharing

2. Check if Mac apps support Family Sharing

  • Launch App Store on your Mac
  • Search the app you would like to check the Family Sharing
  • Click the app to view its information, if you find Yes beside the Family Sharing, it must be available for Family Sharing.



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