Microsoft Stops Selling Xbox One Making Way for Xbox One X?

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Microsoft recently has announced to stop selling of Xbox One in the United States, the consumers are only provided Xbox One S and Xbox One X console in the future of online store, meanwhile, different with U.S. region, the online mall in the UK still has its original Xbox One product page, but it has been labelled “sold out”, seems users form US and UK can’t buy Xbox One now.

Polished on May 2013, Xbox One was third video game console of Microsoft, and it is still a popular and classic console in the world now, but same is, it just like any classic console that can’t live from the tragedy of curtain.

As the matter of fact, the shutdown of Xbox One console does not mean any obviously change in the Microsoft game plan, because Microsoft has launched two more upgrades consoles includes Xbox One X and Xbox One S, among them, the previous one is called t the most powerful console by Microsoft in planet, with rapid features of 12GB GDDR5 display, 6TFlops graphics floating point performance and 4K HDR native support.

Why Microsoft giving up Xbox One X?

About why Microsoft is giving up their original console Xbox One, many people think they are paving or making way for its powerful console ever—Xbox One X.

Xbox One X is be about to release on November 7 with the price of about price $499 dollars according Microsoft’s speaking on August 21.

There is also a special project edition named Scorpio, which is limited quantities provided for biggest fans that are certainly into Xbox One X, with the price of $499.99 dollars. Now form the latest new of pre- selling, the pre-Scorpio limited edition was sold out on the first day.

As the big fan of game console, are you ready to go for the most powerful console ever in the world now?

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