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AAWService.exe error is one of the commonly-seen Windows errors that you may encounter anytime. It appears when something goes wrong with the related program or process. There are many resons that can bring you the AAWService.exe errors message.

What is AAWService.exe exactly?

AAWService.exe technically means a necessary executable file used by applications on the Microsoft Windows Operating System. Many applications you are familiar with run as stand-alone executable by using AAWService.exe. Most services cannot run independently without the file. They need AAWService.exe to execute those files and runs them. That’s why you saw several copies of AAWService.exe running on Windows Task Manager.

Basically, the functionality of the system is intimately involved in the AAWService.exe file and any damage in the registry could corrupt it and result in errors.

AAWService.exe error analysis and method to fix it

Now you have a general idea of the main causes of AAWService.exe problem. You may test for each factor according to the actual situation on your system, and take the corresponding solution to fix AAWService.exe error.

hat if AAWService.exe file persists?

Try to reinstall the application related to AAWService.exe file. If the error message only appears when you open a program, it may indicate this application was incorrectly or incompletely installed. Try to uninstall this application and reinstall it, see if the AAWService.exe issue can be terminated and related errors can be fixed after the reinstallation.

If not, try to fix your computer registry. Registry issue is one of the main causes of system errors. To resolve this problem, you need to perform a full scan with a trustworthy repair tool and fix the invalid & corrupted entries related to AAWService.exe file. You can take the following steps to start:

1. Download and install the Windows Repair Tool on your computer.
2. Hit the “Scan” button to check for existing Windows registry problems.
3. Hit the “Fix” button to resolve AAWService.exe error and other detected problems.


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Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer put on a new word on the Teleconference, defining Yahoo’s future with a slightly odd words: MaVeNS.

Mayer said, Ma on behalf of Mobile, Ve representative Video, N on behalf of Native advertising, S on behalf of Social. These four areas will represent the future of Yahoo, which means these four business areas will become an important growth point of Yahoo. But the US technology blog TechCrunch thinks the word is quirky, because in this case it seem to be more appropriate to use “MobViNS”.

However, it seems Meyer intends to make MaVeNS a common name, she repeatedly mentioned the term to the analysts on the conference call. For example, when she mentioned Yahoo’s display advertising revenue fell 4 percent, she said: “The strong growth of our MaVeNS business” will ultimately offset the losses of traditional display advertising business. She then added that: “MaVeNS business will not erode the traditional PC advertising.”

Meyer also claimed that MaVeNS will become “the world’s fastest growing start-up companies if MaVeNS business was spun off from Yahoo other business.” But fortunately Yahoo did not use the term “MaVeNS” in its earnings report, but directly said that mobile, video, and social networking are Yahoo’s “revolutionary investments”, which contributed $ 380 million to its GAAP (US GAAP) in the latest quarter, and their annual revenues is $ 1.1 billion. (Yahoo’s search business GAAP in the fourth quarter revenue is $ 467 million, display advertising revenue is $ 532 million)

Seen in this light, Meyer will inevitably use MaVeNS this strange vocabulary as long as she mentioned about Yahoo revival problems.


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Want to see the lunar exploration team contest with a total bonus of $ 30 million sponsored by Google, you might have to wait another year.

The competition launched in 2007 by Google, the first team who reach the lunar surface security and step 500 meters, also transmit the HD images and video to earth will receive a bonus of $ 20 million Grand Prize. The rest of the bonus is set for the second prize and other achievement award.

In December 16, XPrize Foundation announced the competition deadline will be delayed until December 31, 2016, announcement also mentioned the difficulties in technological and economic participants faced.

This is not the first time XPrize postponed, the moon program had been delayed from the end of 2012 to 2015 before .

But the key is that this extension is conditional. After extension participating teams must submit a lunar trip planning documents before December 31, 2015. XPrize Foundation said there is no team submit any document.

XPrize Foundation also said it would rise the amount of reward to “provide all the team sign a declaration document with transmitter suppliers”, saying “Any team who can provide proof of such agreement within the delay period still enjoy the bonus of additional benefits. “

But doing this is likely to be meaningless. Rockets making is a big spending, also the delivery cycle is long, but a well written transmitter proof is easy, because some teams may be copy the previous launch plans in order to save costs, but launch plans can not be self-assertion, also the participating teams need to recruit the initial passengers who are happy to take this rocket which contains a raw material.

Considering these, the deadline is likely to still be December 31, 2015, which will not be changed a bit.


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ACS.exe is a driver process of Atheros wireless card. Normally it should be located in the Windows’ System folder, if you find acs.exe and rxBot.exe in C: \ Program Files \ ACS-Style, that means your PC has been infected with the Kelvir.I worm, in which rxBot.exe is a copy of Win32.Rbot.CGR virus, acs.exe is part of the worm propagation. The virus will attempt to send messages to all online contacts in the address book, including a URL connection, if the user clicks on this link, the virus will be downloaded to the machine.
Besides, acs.exe is also a normal process of outpost firewall instead of a Trojan horse virus. As follows:
File name: ACS.EXE
Description: Agnitum Outpost Service
Besides, ACE.EXE is also an assistant editing tools.

Problem Description:
Most of the reasons why missing exe file problems prompted is because the file is damaged by trojan viruswhich leads to system can not find the file, thus an error message box pop up, or the program can not run. Simply we can just use a powerful third-party software to help you detect and fix the exist or potential ACS.exe problem once and for all, or go to a professional exe file download sites, after downloading the file, find the file version for the program, copy to the appropriate directory, problem solved.
1, Windows 95/98 / Me system, copy to the C: \ WINdows \ system32 \ directory.
2, Windows NT / 2000 system, copy to the C: \ WINNT \ system32 \ directory.
3, Windows XP system, copy to the C: \ WINdows \ system32 \ directory.
4, Windows 7/8 system, copy to the C: \ WINdows \ system32 \ directory.

ACS.EXE occupy too many resources problem solving:
Under the circumstances outpost has been installed in the computer, ACS.EXE is the normal process of outpost firewall, when performing some program such as P2P download, due to the need to monitor numbers of connections, ACS.EXE will seriously drain CPU resources, resulting in sluggish computer system caused by busy, we can regulate outpost firewall settings, ignoring P2P software related processes, ACS.EXE occupy too much CPU resource problem can be solved .


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After using computer for a long time, the computer slows down, and have you ever thought about clean up the disk and process disk fragmentation? Here I will share with you how to clean up disk space and how defragging to improve the speed of your computer. Here I choose WIN7 system and hope I it can help.

Cleanup disk:
1. First, double-click on the computer, enter the computer, see the distinguished disk, select the disk you want to clean up (for example, C disk), right-click.
2. Click Properties, Properties interface will pop up a dialog box, you will see disk cleanup under the convention.
3. Click Disk Cleanup, pop up a dialog box showing a interface that PC is scanning your hard drive which needs to be cleaned.
4. After the scan is complete, the dialog box will pop up, showing which redundant files can be deleted, Win7 is very user-friendly, you can selectively delete the file you don’t want any more.
5. After selecting, click OK, then the dialog box will pop up, and then select Delete files.
6. Then the system will start to clean,this process may take several minutes or longer, depending on the size of the file you want to clean).
7. After the cleanup is complete, the dialog box will pop up to let us confirm. We can see the used space is reduced, freeing up some space, so you can make your computer run faster.

Disk Defragment:
1. Click Start – All Programs – Accessories – System Tools – Disk Defragmenter.
2. Pop up Disk Defragmenter, you can see the bottons of configuration plan, analyze disk, defragmentation etc,.
3. Click the Configuration plan, you can set automatic disk defragmentation very week (again we see the WIN7 humanity), of course if you do not like it you can ignore this step.
4. Choose the disk you want to defrag or analyze.
5. You can see the disk has been cleared.

There arestill many ways you can adopt to accelerate the speed of your computer, you can learn more to clean junk file and evidence data to free up disk spaces.

Please be advised that express uninstallation routine would def. leave trace hives after it. Check out this info around Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition removal. As antivirus software, running two or more real-time type products would significantly slow down your PC, thus do not try this.

In addition, as for PC security, to more Internet newbies, please be always beware of so-called security program like this semi-rogueware, which had been installed via drive-bys.


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