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Have problem to remove ESET Internet Security on PC? This page will offer three ideas to fully uninstall ESET Internet Security according to my removal experience, keep up and choose what you need.

As the thread says, I am unable to uninstall ESET Internet Security on my Windows 8.1 Pro. I’ve uninstalled it over Programs & Features already, and as far as I remember it was successful. Then, without restarting, installed Qihoo 360 Total Security, updated, then restarted the PC.

Now, whenever I restart my PC, both of them are opening themselves, and I want ESET to be gone: / Well, tried Revo Uninstaller too, Programs & Features and Revo, both show that there is NO Eset products on the machine. As I search the ESET file over Program Folder, yeah, it’s there.

How can I uninstall it without having to delete the whole folder and clean the registry from ESET entries one by one? Thanks in advance!

ESET Internet Security automatically secures transactions on Internet banking sites and helps to protect users online payment gateways. It checks your router’s security and sees who is connected. You will get an alert when someone is trying to access your webcam. Briefly, antivirus programs are basically the same to common users, and many of them are hard to uninstall.

Three Ways to Remove ESET Internet Security

There are three ways in all here to help you remove ESET Internet Security from PC, follow the instruction to uninstall it step by step.

1. Remove ESET Internet Security by Automated Tool

Download BU first;

Then follow the easy three steps to remove ESET:

Step 1. Find ESET Internet Security in the list and select it and press Run Analysis on the left;
Step 2. Select all the shown items and press Complete Uninstall
Step 3. Click on green Scan Leftovers button lights up, and then hit Delete Leftovers to completely remove ESET Internet Security 2018.
More information to completely uninstall ESET Internet Security 2018 is here right now, check to learn more.

2. Remove ESET Internet Security by ESET Uninstaller

Download the ESET Uninstaller and save it to your Desktop.

1. Restart your computer in Safe Mode.
2. In Safe Mode, double-click the installer file you saved to your Desktop in step 1 to run ESET Uninstaller tool. If you want to use the Advanced user commands below, open an Administrative command prompt first and then change to the Desktop directory.
Advanced user commands: (To view a full list of available commands for the ESET Uninstaller, type ESETUninstaller.exe /help or click to view a screenshot):
3. Read the warning and type y to confirm.
4. Review the item(s) listed under Installed ESET products, type the number that corresponds to the ESET installation in this list that you want to remove and then press the Enter key.

5. Verify that you are uninstalling the correct ESET product from operating system and type y to confirm.
6. Once the ESET Uninstaller tool has finished running, press any key to exit (or type q and then press any key) and then restart your computer in Normal Mode.
7. The uninstaller writes a log of all its processes to the ~ESETUninstaller.log file (located in the same folder as the ESETUnistaller.exe file) for future reference.

More information please read it in this blog.

3. Remove ESET Internet Security by Windows Uninstaller

1. Press the Windows key + R, type control panel in the Open field and click OK.
2. Click Uninstall a program. Check that Category is selected next to View by.
3. Double-click ESET Internet Security to open the Setup Wizard.

4. Click Next to start the wizard. In the Setup window click Remove, select a reason and click Next.
5. Hit Next and then Remove to continue until it comes to Finish;
6. Once uninstallation is complete, restart your computer now/later.
7. Press and hold the Windows key + R on your keyboard
8. Enter “regedit” in the box.
9. Then delete the following folders:


10. Right-click the key name and select Delete on the menu.
11. Click Yes in the Confirm Key Delete dialog box.

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It is still memorizing and flesh when WannaCry ransomware attacked computer flaws during April 2017. Now, a new malware virus Satan is coming together with human “old friend” WannaCry, which focuses on encrypting server data files and extorting 0.3 bitcoins for ransom in three different languages of Chinese, Korea and English.

If you have no idea about what is WannaCry Ransomware, then read this blog for more information, and see what a damage it cost last year in large-scale of globe.

A new Ransomware as a Service, or RaaS, called Satan has been discovered by security researcher Xylitol. This service allows any wannabe criminal to register an account and create their very own customized version of the Satan Ransomware. Security technologists point out that Satan’s attack on the virus is focused on the server database, alerting business users to fix the bugs in time. It is reported that there are domestic users, the scope of the threat is also expanding.

Once the ransomware is created, it is then up to the criminal to determine how they will distribute the ransomware, while the RaaS will handle the ransom payments and adding new features. For this service, the RaaS developer takes a 30% cut of any payments that are made by victims. According to the advertisement for the Satan RaaS, the developer will reduce their cut depending on the volume of payments received by an affiliate.

The analysis found that the Satan blackmail is mainly encrypted against the database of the server, and is easily encrypted by a file such as. mdf,. ldf,. MyD, Myi, frm, dbf,. bak,. sql,. rar,. zip,. DMP, etc. as for enterprise users with a large number of important data, if the encrypted server database file is not backed up, it will cause irreversible damage to the normal business of the enterprise.

What’s more, Satan cyber-attack is kind like “international”, which including Chinese, Korea and English extortion information, and has to be seen that it’s not attacking a single area. According to extortion information prompt, victims required to pay 0.3 COINS as outlaws ransom in order to encrypted database file, or, it will not decrypt files for good if not being paid within 3 days.

What to do to prevent Satan

However, experts say the new ransomware Satan, which uses the “WannaCry” vulnerability as the attack tool, is threatening all over the globe, while on the other side, it can be effectively against if the system patches are installed in a timely manner. Experts also recommend the individual users should develop a good habit of using computer, be well prepared at defense work in advance at the seam time: close unnecessary ports as far as possible, use high-strength passwords to prevent hackers brute force, timely repair of the system high-risk vulnerabilities.

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Roblox is a massively multiplayer online game in which players create virtual worlds. Players can customize their virtual characters with thousands of different hats, head shapes, body shapes, clothing, and gear. Players may create their own articles of clothing, which allows for a more personalized in-game experience. However, selling player-created articles of clothing and collectible items require Builders Club.

“I found it is difficult when I have to uninstall Roblox, there is a thing, I installed a game player Roblox on my computer not long ago, but now I need to get rid of it when I’ve tried several times removing, how could I fast &fully remove it now?”

The problem is when I easily drag it to Trash, I think the removal is done and success, but it is not. On the contrary, if have found it everywhere in my Computer, how can I do to completely get rid of it?

I certainly do as many users of macOS would do to remove things on Mac OS X, first I find the app icon in Dock> Application, and drag it straightly into Trash, then Roblox is gone from Application and my computer. It is enough to delete an app in macOS? What else I need to do? Please tell me.”

How to uninstall Roblox Completely?

To answer the question, you’d better to learn how a Mac adopts an app in its system. Usually, when install an application, Mac system will keep its icon in the Application folder, do many of you know how to delete its app from the Application folder. More than that, the app will come with many data such as preferences, and many logs and registry files during the future using, that why drag it into Trash is far away from complete uninstall, you need to delete those files remained in the Mac hard drive in those folders:

  • /Library/C
  • /Library/Application Support/;
  • /Library/ Preferences/
  • /Library/Caches
  • /Library/Logs
  • /Library/Cookies
  • /Library/Roblox

As the matter of fact, different app will leave a mass of leftovers in the computer with different folder paths depend on their unique development. Be careful when you have to delete them in computer and do not do something wrong with the targets.

Clean up these files to completely uninstall Roblox

However, here you should note that there is no guarantee that all of Roblox components were eliminated from your Mac. Yes, you can look for them yourself by checking these the most common locations but you should be very careful if you want to avoid eliminating wrong files:

com.Roblox.Roblox (in Caches folder)
com.Roblox.StudioBootstrapper (in Caches folder)
com.Roblox.Roblox.binarycookies (in Cookies folder)
com.Roblox.StudioBootstrapper.binarycookies (in Cookies folder)
Roblox (in logs folder)
Roblox (in Library folder)
com.Roblox.Roblox.plist (in Preferences folder)
com.roblox.ABTests.plist (in Preferences folder)
com.roblox.RobloxPlayer.plist (in Preferences folder)
com.roblox.RobloxStudio.plist (in Preferences folder)
com.roblox.RobloxStudioBrowser.plist (in Preferences folder)
com.roblox.SplashScreen.plist (in Preferences folder)

However, this method is not as effective as uninstalling the app with additional tools because of leftover files that can be hidden in the system. It may leave more of them on your Mac, you may notice system slowdowns and similar issues that are quite unpleasant, especially when trying to keep it at its best shape. If you want to uninstall Roblox on Mac with all its files, you need to install only one simple tool, which is free and will help you to uninstall all programs with each of their components.

Fast &fully remove Roblox on macOS

You can uninstall this program with the help of the step-by-step guide presented to you by experts. To save your time, we have also selected tools that will help you carry out this task automatically.

More information to completely uninstall Roblox on Mac, please visit here visit.

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Recently, the US Patent & Trademark Office published two patent applications from Apple, including changing the lightning connector from rectangle to wedge and adding a piston part inside the charging port for waterproofing. The purpose of these two patents is simple: to improve the waterproof performance of the equipment.

The Lightning connector is created at grass conference center, San Francisco in September 9, 2012, now launching the new connector standard meant that Apple had been officially replaced the 30-pin Dock interface for nine years old.

Patently Apple is reporting that US Patent & Trademark Office published two patent applications from Apple Company, the patents will certainly change the shape of Lightning connector. Before that, Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch has been using Lightning connector since 2012. So far, Apple has produced billions of devices with Lightning ports.

Apple’s two new patents send a signal: Apple worries about iPhone devices are damaged by water when charging time if there is a touch water, and a new connection interface now to salve this situation.

In the first patent to change the lightning connector from rectangle to wedge can better fit charging port of the equipment, in order to prevent the liquid from flowing down the charging line into the device.

While the second patent is to add a waterproof piston part inside the charging port, which is better avoiding the water coming into connector.

“Apple’s invention pertains to electrical connectors that have one or more gaskets or seals configured to impede moisture from penetrating the connector and/or electronic devices. Various embodiments relate to a seal positioned on the connector plug and/or within an electronic device such that a liquid-tight seal is formed when the connector plug is mated with the electronic device.”

If Apple really uses the technology in the second patent, we may have to work harder to charge the device later, and we need to push the charger harder when we plug it in.

Apple’s devices are popular with consumers, but they also cost far more than those of other brands. If Apple can provide the durability of the device, not surprisingly, their products with no doubt will be welcomed by consumers.


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According to the report from MSPowerUser, the ultimate media player, VLC is now has updated for Windows 10 app on PCs and mobile phone to version by VideoLan Company. The latest update does not add any new features but comes with some bug fixes and improvements to the application. The new update is available for all Windows Phones, PCs and as well as Xbox One.

The UWP application now supports German, Polish and Slovak translation. There are also some changes made to the icons which have received some UI improvements.

New features in VLC UWP

This version brings more language support, updated icons, libvlc is upgraded to version 3.0, and it also brings some other fixes and improvements at the sometime.

The update brings significant performance improvements to background music playback, which was previously stuttery but now appears much smoother.

The update also includes some video performance improvements, including Direct3D improvements on ARM which should lead to performance and stability improvements.

VLC is, of course, the ultimate media player, available on all operating system, desktop, mobiles or TVs.

You can download VLC for Windows 10 from Microsoft’s Windows Store here.

Download VLC app for Windows 10

The complete update log is as follows:

  • Added German, Polish, Slovak translation.
  • Libvlc 3.0 pre-release update.
  • Update the icons.
  • Fix crash remote desktop.
  • Fix bug notification / media transport control.
  • Fix bug deleting items on Xbox.
  • Fix problem video covers.
  • Dependencies update.

Tips: How to fast Uninstall VLC Media Player from PC?

But, what would you do if you need to uninstall VLC Media Player from a Windows PC? Some users have problems during the uninstallation like this one:

“I certainly found that I could not even remove VLC Media Player in my computer, how to do it?”, “Dose somebody can tell me how to completely eliminate VLC Media Player from PC?”.

In order to perfectly solve this problem, we found a helpful instruction for you to successfully remove VLC Media Player . If you have problems to uninstall VLC Media Player from Windows operating system, read this VLC Media Player removal guide carefully for help now.

The detailed steps to get rid of VLC Media Player are listing as follow:

Step 1: Select the target.

Run the removal tool, select the target “VLC Media Player”, then click the button “Run Analyze”;

Step 2: Scan related components.

Easily click the button Complete Uninstall to conduct the regular removal of scanning files/folders of VLC Media Player. Then click Yes to continue all leftovers scanned in uninstaller;

Step 3: Delete leftovers.

A few minutes later by getting through improvement by VLC Media Player, and then easily click on the button of “Delete Leftovers”, click Yes to confirm your removal.

In a few seconds the remover will run all process of removal to completely uninstall VLC Media Player, so the users won’t have to worry the leftovers or anything happen during the removal, it’s surly the convenient thing to use for removing unwanted software in Windows system.

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