How I Uninstall Roblox on macOS and Mac OS X?

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Roblox is a massively multiplayer online game in which players create virtual worlds. Players can customize their virtual characters with thousands of different hats, head shapes, body shapes, clothing, and gear. Players may create their own articles of clothing, which allows for a more personalized in-game experience. However, selling player-created articles of clothing and collectible items require Builders Club.

“I found it is difficult when I have to uninstall Roblox, there is a thing, I installed a game player Roblox on my computer not long ago, but now I need to get rid of it when I’ve tried several times removing, how could I fast &fully remove it now?”

The problem is when I easily drag it to Trash, I think the removal is done and success, but it is not. On the contrary, if have found it everywhere in my Computer, how can I do to completely get rid of it?

I certainly do as many users of macOS would do to remove things on Mac OS X, first I find the app icon in Dock> Application, and drag it straightly into Trash, then Roblox is gone from Application and my computer. It is enough to delete an app in macOS? What else I need to do? Please tell me.”

How to uninstall Roblox Completely?

To answer the question, you’d better to learn how a Mac adopts an app in its system. Usually, when install an application, Mac system will keep its icon in the Application folder, do many of you know how to delete its app from the Application folder. More than that, the app will come with many data such as preferences, and many logs and registry files during the future using, that why drag it into Trash is far away from complete uninstall, you need to delete those files remained in the Mac hard drive in those folders:

  • /Library/C
  • /Library/Application Support/;
  • /Library/ Preferences/
  • /Library/Caches
  • /Library/Logs
  • /Library/Cookies
  • /Library/Roblox

As the matter of fact, different app will leave a mass of leftovers in the computer with different folder paths depend on their unique development. Be careful when you have to delete them in computer and do not do something wrong with the targets.

Clean up these files to completely uninstall Roblox

However, here you should note that there is no guarantee that all of Roblox components were eliminated from your Mac. Yes, you can look for them yourself by checking these the most common locations but you should be very careful if you want to avoid eliminating wrong files:

com.Roblox.Roblox (in Caches folder)
com.Roblox.StudioBootstrapper (in Caches folder)
com.Roblox.Roblox.binarycookies (in Cookies folder)
com.Roblox.StudioBootstrapper.binarycookies (in Cookies folder)
Roblox (in logs folder)
Roblox (in Library folder)
com.Roblox.Roblox.plist (in Preferences folder)
com.roblox.ABTests.plist (in Preferences folder)
com.roblox.RobloxPlayer.plist (in Preferences folder)
com.roblox.RobloxStudio.plist (in Preferences folder)
com.roblox.RobloxStudioBrowser.plist (in Preferences folder)
com.roblox.SplashScreen.plist (in Preferences folder)

However, this method is not as effective as uninstalling the app with additional tools because of leftover files that can be hidden in the system. It may leave more of them on your Mac, you may notice system slowdowns and similar issues that are quite unpleasant, especially when trying to keep it at its best shape. If you want to uninstall Roblox on Mac with all its files, you need to install only one simple tool, which is free and will help you to uninstall all programs with each of their components.

Fast &fully remove Roblox on macOS

You can uninstall this program with the help of the step-by-step guide presented to you by experts. To save your time, we have also selected tools that will help you carry out this task automatically.

More information to completely uninstall Roblox on Mac, please visit here visit.

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