Google acquires Orbitera to strengthen cloud infrastructure service

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Google announced to acquire cloud startup Orbitera to strengthen its cloud computing service, reportedTechCrunch. It meant that Google further compete with Amazon, Microsoft and Salesforce for more market share in cloud industry.

Google and Orbitera both refused to reveal the acquired price, however, the confirmed source indicated the transaction is about $100 million.

Orbitera obtains 60,000 enterprise clients for its cloud computing platform, including Adobe, Oracle and Metalogix.

Google statement claimed:” this acquisition will strengthen the support of cloud computing platform for manufacturers and offer more options and higher flexibility to clients.”

This acquisition also concerns with talent recruitment. Google invited Marcin Kurc who once worked in Amazon cloud infrastructure department to join its family. Kurc works as CEO of Orbitera now. He claimed there will be not many changes of business when the acquisition finishes. Its core business focus on cloud platform packaging and configuration, optimization software concerning cloud billing and profit, cloud market platform, cloud testing and lead management.

It is not easy for Google to make great achievement in cloud field under the competition of AWS, Azure, Salesforce.

According to the statistics of Synergy Research Group, AWS accounted for 31% of worldwide cloud infrastructure market by Q4 2015, Azure accounted for 9%, IBM cloud computing was 7% and Google cloud and Salesforce only received about 4%.

Speaking of its market share growth, Microsoft Azure grows fastest, increased by 124% yoy, while Google cloud increased by 108% yoy. AWS takes a leading position in cloud infrastructure service and keeps a growth rate of 63%.

Google has much room to catch up with its rivals. Varun Sakalkar reported that Google will build two data center sites in Oregon and Japan this year. Amazon has 12 data centers around the world so far, and it will build other five data centers this year.

Gartner predicted about $17.5 million be put in worldwide could infrastructure market this year. It drives more and more companies to invest on this field.



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