Google Chrome Removal Tips under Mac OS X

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Do you have any question about how to uninstall Google Chrome or how to fix the Google Chrome cannot be removed problem on the Mac computer? If you have such a removing problem on your PC, you may need the following guides to help you remove the app well.

By default, Safari is set as the default web browser for all Mac computers, however, in additional to this browser, many people would choose to install Google Chrome and prefer to use it firstly to visit a website, and it has been a very common app on the Mac computer. However, uninstalling the web browser often causes some issues and let the people don’t know how to conduct the app removal on the computer. In this case, you will need to learn more about this app removal from the following tips.

Common and hot issues of Google Chrome removal

Different people may encounter different issues and problems when try to uninstall Google Chrome, here are the most common and hot issues that most of people would come across during the app removal:

Cannot get a complete removal (biggest problem)

In many times, removing Google Chrome is not a difficult task and people can remove it in the Trash smoothly, however, it often cannot help the user to uninstall Google Chrome completely on the computer, many of its files, bookmarks and other configurations still can be found and affect the use of other web browser, and even cause some problems to opening a link via the browser.

Don’t know how to uninstall Google Chrome

Some people (especially the ones who just begin to use Mac computer) may not know how and where to remove Google Chrome, and even not sure whether it can be removed on the computer.

Google Chrome cannot be remove manually

In some cases, people just try to remove Google Chrome in the Trash as remove other apps in the post, but the removing action does not work at this time and no thing changed when dragging Google Chrome to the Trash

Get a right way to remove it well

If you have tried many times to uninstall Google Chrome but still cannot remove it effectively on the computer, check this specific guides about Google Chrome removal, you will get an effectively and be able to get rid of it on your computer.



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