Microsoft: Over Half of Windows 7 Computers Have No Antivirus Protection

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Microsofthas released its latest security situation report, which shows that more than half of Windows 7 computers have no antivirus software installed and protected, the computers are in a “unprotected” state, which is kind of most dangerous situation for most users.

As computers play an increasingly important role in people’s lives, more hackers and virus occurred day by day for illegal profit, you, as a computer user, you’d better take care of computer protection and prevent all kinds of virus issue.

The most currently case with virus attack like Ransomed WannaCry, the most serious and maximum range attack of the world happened in mid-June, thousands of computers had been affected, and some users, even worse, had to pay the ransom to the hacker to get back their data and individual information.

When Ransomed WannaCry attack your computer and lock your display, don’t know what to do? Check this story to learn more to protect your computer immediate.

According to related reports, this is not the first time Microsoft has recognized the problem and has taken appropriate action. Starting from Windows 8, if no other anti-virus software is installed on the user’s computer, then Windows is activated Windows Defender by default. However, a substantial proportion of antivirus software on the Windows 8/8.1computer are being turned off, Microsoft explained for this is may not be the user turn off the antivirus software intentionally, because some malicious software can disable security products without the user’s knowledge.

While the security in Windows 10 is not much better than Windows 8/8.1, a significant portion of the computer virus library expired in it. In this report, Microsoft also mentioned the safest countries and regions for computers in March 2017, with Finland, Portugal and Denmark in the top three.

So, the result is that you’d better install a antivirus software on your computer, as a matter of fact, there are a variety of anti-virus software/programs in the market to choose, the most common products including from
McAfee , Symantec Norton , Webroot , Bitdefender and Kaspersky , have you ever try these products? Which one you think it’s best anti-virus in the world?

Knowing the importance of installing antivirus software on computer is far away from enough the best protection. The trouble is that lots of users have troubles in anti-virus software removal, sometimes the failure of antivirus program deletion may cause serious damage for the device, so you’ d better learn how to totally &safely get rid of stubborn software just in case the smooth installation in the feature using. Take McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2017 removal from PC as example, you need to completely uninstall McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2017 without any trace left behind, that you can install other antivirus software to protect your computer in nest time. Need more tutorials to remove antivirus programs in Windows? Try these removal blogs for help now. In addition, more tutorials are waiting to be updating…

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