Google Updates Chrome OS: SplitView Function Finally Catch up with Windows 8

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The biggest threat to Microsoft’s Windows may not come from apple, but from Google. Especially in the education market abroad, Chrombook, which runs Chrome OS, has taken a large share of the market and has even begun to venture into businesses.

Though the advantages of Chromebooks are clear enough in particular markets – it won’t cost a lot of money, as an operating system, Chrome OS is not strong enough, but as a new operating system, it is trying to catch up with others.

The new feature that Google has added to Chrome OS recently is such a great thing for users, that is, now Chrome OS can finally support split-screen multitasking in tablet mode.

You will be not strange if you have used Windows 8, and yes, this time Google is adding new feature for Chrome OS and the same kind of functionality you use on Windows 8.

For Chrome OS, it’s such big deal to support SplitView multitasking in tablet mode, because before that good news coming, if you were using Chrome OS in tablet mode, the current application would be full screen, or minimal, no other form only

This split-screen feature is designed for touch screens and has been available in developer mode and is now available to all users. If want to experience the split-screen multi tasks now, then type this in address bar to set up:

chrome:// flags /#enable-tablet-splitview



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