YouTube will introduce subscribed tv serivce next year

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It is reported that the giant video website YouTube is launching a new subscribed service called Unplugged which allows subscribers to watch video content and cable tv channels via internet.

To introduce this project, YouTube is said to have its technical instructure adjusted. The Unplugged service is the priority project that YouTube wants to promote. It will be released in 2017. Its senior managers are negotiating with other large-scale medie companies such as NBC universal, Viacom Inc, 21st Fox and CBS. It is unclear that whether this service will be authorized with tv show copyrights.

YouTube is working hard to introduce excellent subscribed service for video content. It released the YouTube Red service in last fall. Unplugged service will be able to introduce more high quality video content into YouTube network service and mobile applications so that YouTube could attract more users and make profit.

YouTube has been developing bundled network services since 2012. Christian Oestlien and Johanthan Zepp are mainly responsible for Unplugged project. Dish and Sony released the network tv service when Apple and Amazon were preparing to introduce the similar services.

YouTube did not make comments on this Unplugged service so far.

Sundar Pichai suggested the company aims to offer more options for its YouTube fans and interactions with creators. This plan started from YouTube Kids and YouTube Red.

YouTube also consider bundling up the unpopular tv channels to customize some shows. For example, YouTube Unplugged comedy channel might include 3 or 4 tv channels which are similar to Comedy Central.

If YouTube Unplugged works, it will bring more new audience for the company. What’s more, there will be more medium provide tv channels authorization to YouTube.

The audience rating of ESPN and TNT keep declining. The media companies hope to increase the audience rating via bundled network tv service.



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